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Agnès et Donald Clark - 43 route de Chaillol - 05500 St Bonnet en Champsaur
Tél. 04 92 50 53 97 / 06 70 21 40 66
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At La Combe Fleurie we have planted an orchard of the old traditional variety !
You may think this is a strange thing to do as Champsaur, being in the mountains,
isn't known for its fruit !
However, for the locals, a family orchard has always been a part of life
and even the pride and joy of the farmers.
Always planted near to the house in fertile soil, it was an efficient way
of using the land and pretty too.
Over the years the tradition has been gradually dying out buterfly
appleand there are fewer and fewer of the old varieties available
now everyone buys the mass produced ones from the supermarket !
So this was our way of keeping a supply of these delicious fruits on tap !